What is 'My Therapist'?"

“My Therapist” it’s a platform that brings together professionals from various therapeutic fields, such as psychology, homeopathy, nutrition, Chinese medicine, speech therapy, among others. Our goal is to facilitate contact between potential clients and qualified and experienced therapists.


How can I find a therapist suitable for my needs?

To find a therapist, simply go to the Homepage of our website and select the therapeutic area you’re interested in. The results will display a list of therapists matching your needs.

How can I schedule an appointment?

Each therapist has an individual page on our website, where you’ll find all the information about the therapist and multiple contact methods. Simply choose the therapist you want to contact and use the provided information to initiate the appointment scheduling process or to clarify any information.

What information can I find on the therapist's page?

On each therapist’s page, you will find detailed information about who they are, their education, experience, areas of specialization, therapeutic approaches used, as well as other relevant information to help you choose your therapist in an informed manner.

You can find the following information:

  • Name of the therapist
  • Photos and logo
  • Area of specialization
  • Description of services
  • Contact details (phone, email)
  • Contact form
  • Links to social media
  • WhatsApp quick contact button
  • Images and videos related to their practice
  • PDF or Word documents
  • Availability and scheduling information
  • Discounts or special offers
  • Articles written by the therapist on our blog
What is the cost of the consultations?

Each therapist sets their own prices and payment policies. Some therapists provide information on their page about the fees they charge. If this information is not provided, you should contact the therapist directly to get detailed information about the costs of the consultations.

Does "My Therapist" offer guarantees about the quality of services?

We are a platform connecting therapists and clients.

The quality or results of the services provided by therapists are entirely their responsibility.